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C++ Basic – Downloading C++ Compiler

Author: Dan1601

Aim: Installing a C++ interpreter and compiler.

Requirements: General computer knowledge.

Howto: Most computers don't naturally have a way to compile C++ files, so we need to use a 3rd party program to compile our code for us.

  1. First off, we need to go to a website that will provide us with the software we need. I prefer to use a program called Code::Blocks. It's a simple compiler, and is relatively easy to use. Go to this link and download the file that best suits you. I recommend the 'binary release', because of it's simplicity.
  2. Once you've downloaded the installer, simply run it, and Code::Blocks will be installed.
  3. You can personalise the compiler to be laid out however you wish. It's important to keep the code window, the management bar, and the compile/build/debug buttons visible, since you'll find yourself using them the most.


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